dire giraffe

Dire Giraffe releases a second title!

On a whim the other day, I asked another RPG industry designer to take a look at my Dire Giraffe sheets and maybe link to them in a status update on Facebook, if he felt he could recommend my sheets. He accepted the complimentary copy and responded positively in email, saying:

Hey Anne, very cool! I like the half page approach and it looks like a good reorganization of the sheet.

Then he went one further for me:

Just a heads up, there are 3,500 emails going out right now for my new tile set that have a link to your publisher page on RPGNow :)

I got so excited about his support, I put both titles on sale 25% off! If you know someone who wanted to grab these titles, now's a good time to do it. I'm about to go in and make a bundle of the two, for a small discount.

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