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To Nook Or Not?

We were out celebrating Nick's 18th (!) birthday last night and stopped in at the Barns and Noble store we like. While we were there, I was showing Nick the Nook and mentioned, "But there's no back-light, so no reading in the dark." The gentleman overseeing our perusal mentioned they now have the NookColor, which I had totally forgotten about.

He took us to the full Nook display where we could handle both the NookWiFi and the NookColor. There's no real physical difference between the NookWifi and the Nook3G. But the NookColor is a full touch screen, maybe slightly heavier (I've had heavier trade paperback books!) and because of the touch screen, the battery life is a little shorter. But oh, the NookColor is sexy.

Randy has asked me if this is something I might want....maybe not for Christmas, but for my birthday in February. He really wants me to give him an answer early so he could surprise me with it, instead of it being so close to the actual day that it's obvious I *am* getting it.

So, my kind readers, what are the pros and cons to getting an e-book reader? Please keep in mind that the Kindle has never been an option for me. Especially when I was on the Nook page online and there are 2 million books available for the Nook. The NookColor takes a very large set of e-book formats, including epub, which is what my existing Baen Free Library collection is in. It's also the format I use to read on my Droid.

I've got a very challenging decision to make.

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