Deleting accounts

I've been inundated with accounts which have registered here -- and set themselves to be notified when I post. The problem? A lot of the accounts are spammers (how???) and they are giving fake/false emails, which are bringing my mail server to its knees.

I'm going through and deleting accounts. If I don't recognize it or don't see *any* post activity (i.e. a comment), the account is getting deleted. If this hits you and you really weren't a spammer, I'm truly sorry. Right now, I can't finesse this.

NaNo over, new email, last month of 2009


I'm back after struggling through the hardest NaNoWriMo I've ever done. I had some intestinal problems which led me to urgent care. That in turn led to an abdominal ultrasound which found nothing. Great. So why does it hurt, doc? sigh

After surviving the stomach cramps and et cetera, I came down with a cold. I fought like heck and managed to get over the actual cold pretty fast but I'm still dealing with asthma symptoms (always happens when I have a cold!) and an intermittent cough.

Still, in the end, I reached my 50,000 word mark. Barely. Towards the end, I was writing sections of chapters about any scene I knew I wanted to have happen. A wedding. An adoption. An initiation. The beginning of the novel (on November first) is now somewhere down around chapter ten or so.

I think this year's NaNo was challenging because it's the first one I've participated in since we sold the house. In the house, I had my own office. It was purple and one whole wall was covered with whiteboards -- great for working out ideas and keeping a larger-than-life To Do list on. But most of all, it had a door I could close and shut out what everyone else was doing.

To be fair, this was also in 2002 and 2003 -- if YouTube and other such sites existed, I think we were still on dial-up at the time, so I surely couldn't have spent much time on those sites! Equally true, Ravelry didn't exist and I wasn't the avid knitter I am now. I guess that all boils down to: I've got a lot more to distract me and less ability to shut myself away from it all.

I've whinged and whined here in the past about my writing and where I'm going with it, so I'll spare you a redux of all that. There's a good idea in this year's NaNo novel, struggling to get out. So maybe down the road a bit, I'll get back to it and make it shine.

In the meantime, I've got to change the email over on the right of the blog, under my picture. It's getting a lot more spam and I'm tired of it. I don't know what the new one will be yet, but I suspect I'm going to have to make it an image, so the bots and such can't grab it.

Finally tonight, we're down to the last month of 2009. Where did this year go? It's been a painful year, with a couple bright spots, but I'm definitely going to be glad to kick this year out the door. I'm not really in "the Christmas mood" so far. We haven't had a tree since 2004 and we don't do live trees here -- I'm just not that big of a risk taker! I'd like to have a tree, but if I bought one, it's likely to be the entire Christmas! So I don't know what we're going to do, decoration-wise. At a minimum, I want to get out my large fiber-optic wreath and use my mini-decorations on it, like I used to do.

As for Christmas gift-giving, I've got an idea for one person on my list -- well, that's not true. I've got a couple ideas for several people. I just have to see how the planning pans out. Most of all, this year I don't want to crap out on the Christmas stockings. That's usually where I really shine: making sure everyone's stocking is overflowing with weird things, goofy things, items which are small and often forgotten and most especially candy of some kind. Randy always says I'm the best at stuffing stockings; this year I want to really knock their, ahem, socks off!

No matter what you celebrate, I hope you have friends and family to share these year-end festivities with. If you can, look around and spread the love to someone less fortunate. Walmart and other chain stores of the type usually have 'gift trees' with wishes from local children who won't have much for Christmas. There's also Childs Play, "a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 60 hospitals worldwide." For those who read here and are ferret lovers, there's the Ferret Giving Tree, where you can find a fuzzy (or two or three!) who are spending Christmas in a shelter that you can spoil.

I'm not sure I've blogged about Bark 10-4 which is aimed at getting pet oxygen masks on fire trucks around the country. You can order one for your local fire station and know your pets will get the help they need in a fire emergency.

As Book says in Serenity, "I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it."

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