Childish is...

...airing your dirty laundry for all and sundry to read. And I'm not childish. But I am hurting tonight. I've been rather silent here lately. Noticed? Yeah, I found this thing. It's called a social life. Ha!

But with a social life comes things that aren't so fun. Friends who break up. And friends who no longer want to be friends with me in the aftermath. It hurts. I'm hurt at the loss of a friendship that started out so well. I know someone might say, "Eh, that person is losing out." And I appreciate the sentiment.

What angers me about this whole situation is how self-centered the friend was in handling things. This person had their say. Didn't want to hear my say. Hung up on the phone call. "I've already blocked you on FaceBook." Et cetera. Not since I lived in my father's home, have I been treated like that.

I hope the karma you're sowing doesn't come back to hurt you before you grow up.

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