drunk driving

Drunk Driving 201...beyond "don't drink and drive"

I've always been outspoken about driving while impaired. Don't do it.

But it doesn't stop at just saying, "Don't do it." Talk to your family members and make it clear that home safe is better than dead. We'll deal with the how and the why and trouble and grounding and all that...once we're home safe and alive to deal with it! So, parents, talk to your kids. It's not just about assigning a Designated Driver. It's about giving them their power to say, "Hey, dude, you were supposed to stay sober and you didn't. Lemme call my parents." And teens, it's about standing your ground. No matter what, don't get in the car if you feel the driver is impaired. Sure, your mom's "gonna kill you", but in the morning...she'll be glad you're alive to yell at and ground until you're 23.

I'm a parent of a 16 year old. I've been very fortunate to have him home with me for schooling, where I've been able to impart so much of my values and prevent the typical peer pressure from causing permanent injuries. But I'm not blind. My son *will* drink....eventually. Probably before he's legal. I don't want to compound such an event with the tragedy. I've talked to Nick about this: call home. Call a cab. Don't fret the grounding---get home alive!

Parents. Kids. Talk. Please. Angry and grounded is always better than dead....or wishing you were dead!

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