Dyson's Customer Support: Another Reason to Buy

We bought a Dyson back in February. Yes, we bit the bullet and paid that much for a vacuum cleaner. We got the DC15 "The Ball" (the yellow one). I was thrilled with the manueverability of this thing. Even on my bad Fibro-days, I can still get this thing around furniture and corners.

One thing few people consider when vacuum shopping is the noise. I'm hard of hearing and I find most vacuum cleaners annoying. This one? Not at all. Even the ferrets aren't bothered by it. A couple of them like to war dance with it and threaten to attack it, but instead of watching the furbabies flee, they actually come out of the woodwork to investigate it!

I've had it for a while now. Why the fuss today? It seems there might be a short in the connection to the beater-bar. I've done all the regular checking I can and I don't see any problems. So, I called the company. I've never had a company treat me so nicely before. I'm serious. The gentleman I spoke to (why didn't I write his name down?!) was so kind. He was suprised to hear a DC15 was having a problem, but was immediately supportive in wanting to "get this fixed" for me. We covered the possible solutions (either ship it to their NY repair center or I drive it up to my Mom's to get it repaired). We chatted about the reasons we're both thrilled to be owners and the "tests" we've put our machines through.

I suggested they add a "For A Friend" card to make it easier for new owners to share the good news about Dyson. He liked that idea and I could hear his keyboard clicking away. *grin*

In the end, he said I'd been so nice and so understanding about problems cropping up and all that he was going to send me an accessory! How nice is that?

Any other Dyson owners out there? Chime in with a comment. What's your favorite part of owning a Dyson?

That's all for now.

Blog theme and Ferret update

First, I think this is what I'll be sticking with color-wise for a while. I'm not totally happy with some of the physical fit, especially on the left, but I'm working on it. Hopefully, this theme is more readable. I like how the links stand out more within a post. Yay!

In other news, Octavia seems to be developing some sort of health issue. [Skip this part if you're squeamish.] Her rectum appears to be prolapsing. Poor thing. Except... she's still her wild and zany self. No sign of slowing down, of not eating. Still, she's visiting Dr. Bink on Monday afternoon.

Maxwell was recently sick with Coccidia and (we thought) ECE. He was terribly close to dying and I was out of town; it was so frustrating to not be near him. That was the first week of August. Since then, there's been no sign of illness in the business. And now, Octavia's little issue pops up. I'm hoping the vet can give me something to treat everyone at once and get it out of the business!

It appears that Maxwell has the ability to render me without speech just by walking into the room. He's so cute and fuzzy! I love his furry coat so much. He's got such big feet and big ears; I suspect he's gonna be a big ferret!

I've been obsessively watching my Secret Pal's blog, hoping she got her package. I should've at least got some kind of tracking, so I'd know it was delivered. Argh! I want to know what she thinks! I'm such a goof.

That's all for now.

Please standy by...

It's not so much "technical difficulties" as "dissatisfied with the general look of my blog". So, it's gonna look....well, ugly while I work behind the scenes to get a theme built that I like. Please be patient.

That's all for now.

Frogging socks

I've received much advice and support via the Knitty Coffeeshop Boards regarding this sock pattern. And with a link to Grumperina's blog for an additional bit of help, I've decided to frog the work I figured out on my own and re-knit from the point I was having trouble.

Why???? Because when I picked up my stitches as the directions said to do, I ended up with these large holes that no sock should have. This being my first pair, I want them to be rewarding enough to do this again...and again...and again!

Thus, frog now, reward later. *grin* No pix of the frogged sock. But a definite question:I've seen some who knit both socks at once. How???? Two skeins?

That's all for now.

Sock help, please!

I don't know that I have many readers yet, but I'll put a plea here, just in case:

I'm using the 9th printing of Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles". I'm working on the "Simple Sock" which begins on page 7 in this edition. I've knit the 6" for the leg, I've worked the heel flap and I've turned the heel.

The next section (Titled: Picking up Gusset Stitches) has me totally confused! "With the same needle, knit up (11, 15, 18) sts in the loops along the heel flap. In the intersection of the heel flap and instep, pick up a stitch. On the next round you will knit it through the back loop (a twisted sticth), to keep a hole from appearing here later. Place a marker."

My problem? I'm lost with "in the loops along the heel flap". There's no drawings or anything that describe the parts to me, or explains what part of the "heel flap" should have loops to knit into!

Can some kind (very patient and slow-speaking) soul p-l-e-a-s-e talk me through this? I've had so much fun up 'til this point!

That's all for now.

I won something!

I've been getting to know my fellow Color Swappers by reading their blogs. I was visiting Lucia's blog and stopped to leave a comment regarding Charlie on the MTA. In a random drawing of commenters with the correct answer, I won!!! Yay me. *grin*

And by posting this here, it's one more chance for my spoilee to figure out who I am, since "Shafira" was one of my secret identities for the swap. *grin*

I got my KnitPicks order today. You know you're ordering too much when you forget that you put something in the order. Like the Knit Picks needle-sizer/magnifier that I don't remember putting in my cart but I'm tickled that I did! There was a small problem with my KIPer set: the purse organizer wasn't with it. So, they're sending it to me...in 5-14 days. *sigh* I'll try to get some good pictures of my loot up later.

Oh, and waiting sucks. Just so you know.

That's all for now.

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