Wuzzle lovers: represent!

The newspaper where I live is having a pet calendar competition. We couldn't participate as we are "family of an employee", so none of my ferrets are in the contest.

There is a single, solitary ferret listed: Clyde. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to purchase some votes (they come in increments of $5, at 25 cents a vote) and help Clyde represent!

And if you live in the area of the Packet (and have ferrets) drop me a comment! We should get together and see if our ferrets could be friends!

That's all for now.

Yay, she got it!

Whew! I just checked one of my "Secret Pal" accounts and learned that my Favorite Color SP has indeed received her package. I was worried, since it contained a vintage apron in it!

That's all for now.

Roleplaying Dungeon Tiles

I've been kinda focused on gaming lately. (No kidding! Really, Anne? Huh. I never would've guessed.) It didn't help that today I got (another) email from Ed Bourelle of Skeleton Key Games with a coupon in it. *sigh* Fortunately for me, Randy stood over my shoulder when I asked for help whittling my order down to something reasonable. *grin* I love RPGNow.com; there's nothing like instant gratification.

If you're thinking about buying any SKG products, drop a comment here and ask me about it. I probably have it and I can comment on its value or answer any specific questions. Ed's got good demos of his products up on the RPGNow site as well.

I'd love to turn the small-size tiles that come in each pack into a fridge magnet set. I think it'd be kinda cool.

I messed around with several of the character sheet pages today. I got tired of writing out the class and level of a character on each page, so I'm removing it on as many of the pages as I think I can get away with. The character name still has to be there, in case the sheets get mixed up or come free from their disc-binding.

The one thing I haven't figured out how to do gracefully is to put a copyright notice on the sheets so I can sell them. When I began to design them, I used every bit of space---from margin to margin---that I could. Now, I'd like to up the stakes a little and I'm stumped on how to do it. I've debated making them all into one large PDF file, with an introductory page that has an explanation, some sample page sets and the copyright. I'll need to test that first.

I think that's all for now.

Ferret funnies....and not-so-funnies

Elijah got me good today.

I've been enjoying having my "sparkling water beverage" ('cause that sounds better than "clear Sam's choice soda") in a rock glass with a lot of ice (for crunching!). I was sitting on my wonderfully comfortable Kingsdown bed, happily filling in D&D sheets (see previous post). I poured a new glass over fresh ice (yum!) and had a sip. I worked for a couple minutes. I realized one of the laundry machines had stopped---being hard-of-hearing, that's not always as easy as it "sounds". I got up and checked; it was the washer.

Well, maybe I can hang some of Randy's shirts while the load finishes in the dryer. I was mid-shirt when I heard a "thunk-ka-chunk" kinda sound.

Suddenly, I remembered that freshly-filled oh-so-tempting glass of clear (thankfully diet) soda on my bedside table. I hollered for Nick to check it out while I completed the shirt---hey, a girl has priorities! When I arrived, the glass was replaced---empty---and there was ice all over the floor by the table. I'm glad now that I'm not the neatest housekeeper because there was a washrag that must've fallen from the bed when I was folding laundry at some point. It caught the majority of the spill.

Elijah was quite proud of his accomplishment. And I couldn't hardly be mad at such an adorable boy, could I? Just to make sure, he played with the woolly-bully ball and was extra cute!

Maxwell has more than recovered from his illness. It's been almost two months now and he's looking so good. He's as big as Kittanning---and his whole body shows he's just beginning to grow. Wow, he's gonna be a big boy!

On the other hand, Octavia's bum isn't any better. Friday's visit to Dr. Bink revealed that her stool is no longer strep-laden. Good. But she's still straining and that's what's making her "poop shute" stick out. He did x-rays to make sure there wasn't some kind of congenital defect causing neurological damage---the x-rays came out fine and also conclusively proved she couldn't have a blockage (which we all felt wasn't possible given the symptoms). At this point, Dr. Bink thinks that the rectal nerves might have been nicked when the anal gland surgery was done before we adopted her; usually this shows up much sooner and it would have been obvious when we selected her. In Octavia's case, this is more recent and we've seen no cause for it.

Kitt's started nipping at the ankles again and I'm not sure why. In the meantime, both Octavia and Maxwell have calmed down. Shortly after we adopted those two, Maxwell almost pierced Randy's ear and he sank his teeth into my arm pretty good. Now though, he's so sweet and gentle.

River is still my champion at using the litter box. She doesn't always make it (wouldn't that be nice?) but she tries more than the others. I've noticed that Max seems to be following her example, which is a good thing.

My new camera isn't focusing right, so pictures have been slower than I'd like. I'll try to get some good ones of Max and Octavia to show their sizes. And his fuzziness!

Finally....that's all for now.

Roleplaying sheet design (take two!)

(I wrote this whole thing out earlier and thought I'd clicked "Submit"... I guess not. *sigh*)

I've finished designing all the individual sheets for the new character sheet system I came up with. I'm pretty tickled with the result. Two nights ago, we all tried them out with a character. Randy filled in a set with a favorite character of mine: Detrick De Roejnahir, cleric. Nick used his paladin, Joemvu. I tried my monk, Jhul Mar Rhian. With a couple small tweaks and a new page suggestion, everyone was really excited about the new system.

Our Rollabind discs and punch came Monday, so we were able to punch the half sheets and bind the characters. That worked out really well. We bought 625 small black discs and 50 each of red, yellow, white, green, blue, and purple. Why the colors? Ah, that's where the real geek in us comes in: code!

We decided that of the 8 discs on each binding, the first two would be a "global code" to designate the owner of the sheets. The third disc is an on/off code: red means DM sheets (therefore if the first two discs aren't your code, keep your mitts off!) and black means not DM sheets. The remaining 5 discs are for coding however individuals wish.

I sat down last night and looked at the classes and came up with a strategy for showing them in the binding.

  • Fighter: red-red
  • Cleric: yellow-yellow
  • Druid: green-green
  • Rogue: black-black
  • Sorcerer: purple-purple
  • Wizard: blue-blue
  • Ranger: red-green
  • Paladin: red-yellow
  • Monk: red-white
  • Barbarian: red-black

I went a bit further, since I have only 5 discs to use and that means I can code (only) 2 classes and still have one disc leftover. I decided that the last disc could designate how many classes a character has.

  • Red: 1
  • Yellow: 2
  • White: 3
  • Green: 4
  • Blue: 5
  • Purple: 6
  • Black: 7

We're hoping to play-test these sheets this weekend. So, I grabbed the group that I'm running through the current campaign and printed up enough sheets to get them moved to the new pages. I had hoped (prior to creating my "brilliant' coding system) to keep each group that adventures together in one set of discs.

This group is made up of four people. Lanara is a 3/4 Wizard Cleric. Stormhawk is a 5 Ranger, Kelza is a 7 Rogue and Namirra is a 7 Sorcerer. The four of them were already pushing the limits of the small discs. Eventually, I separated them out into their own individual books and that's working better.

I spent some time today working on moving these four characters into the new sheets. A couple of the sheets could use some tweaks. And I'm thinking there's at least one more sheet that may be required for clerics.

That's all for now.

Another potential knitting bag...

I came across the Bahia Bag while browsing Levenger's site the other day. What do you think?

It even comes with a matching drawstring bag:

And with a full zipper across the top: ferret proof.


Unless, you have a ferret like mine. River can unzip my purse and the little Marshall's pouch that I bought. Next time I transport her in that, I'm going to have to use a luggage lock!

That's all for now.

Update: The bag originally linked here is no longer offered. And apparently, in a zealous clean-up, I deleted the pictures I had downloaded and saved. Unfortunately, this post will have to remain picture-less. -A. Nov 2010

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