Hunting for change in the sofa cushions...

I need spending money! I want to buy sock yarn!!!!

Suzie's SP9 exclusives!

Isn't that absolutely stunning? I need to get a couple skeins of that!

Not to mention the skeins I'm drooling over at Yarn4Socks! Have you seen their "October is Breast Cancer Awareness" sale? (ETA Aug 2012: I'm cleaning up a directory and moving images over to flickr -- and I noticed this site is gone. Shucks!)

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Black Purl

Trekking XXL 123

Trekking XXL 28

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Magico 2525

Yeah, I think I've got a little sock yarn fettish going on here. *grin*

I think that's all for now.

Oh, wait! In connected news, my first item for my spoilee arrived today. It's gorgeous!

Now that's all for now. *grin*

Ferret Fotography!

I've been a bad wuzzle-mom and haven't posted any pics of my adorables lately! Here's a major make-up post with cuteness.

This is the top level of their tall cage. Usually, such cuteness is hidden by the blanket we use to turn it into "The Cave". Ferrets: Max on left, Ukiah looking cute, Kittanning in the back.


This is a more accurate color photo of their respective colors. Max's color hasn't quite settled on whether he's going for "red" or "brown".


When ferrets are truly asleep, one can move arms and legs around to make cute poses. Actually, I've seen them both do this on their own before.


This little girl is so sweet and gentle. She's nothing like her namesake, FBI Special Agent, Indigo Zheng.


Thanks to the (in)ability of my image uploader to only get one image at a time....


That's all for now. *sigh*

Answering other hostesses questions...

I saw that one of the other hostesses posted some additional questions for her group of Secret Pals to answer. I'm not in Shelby's group, but it looked like fun.

  1. Where is your favorite knitting spot?

    My Klippan sofa from IKEA or my Kingsdown king-size bed.

  2. If you suddenly could never knit again (shudder) - what would you do instead?

    I'd move forward with my spinning lessons and buy a wheel. And also step up my plans to learn to weave.

  3. If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go and why?

    If we're talking non-fantasy here, I'd have to say Egypt (when it's safe(r)) because there's something about the history of that area that calls to me. But if "flights of fantasy" are permitted, then I'd want to travel to an underwater city! Or another planet---yeah! That's it, another PLANET!!! *grin*

  4. When you were little - What did you want to do "when you grew up?" Are you doing it?

    Oh boy. This one ought to get a chuckle. At various times: a registered nurse (I can't stand the sight of blood!), a teacher (yeah, right. Me teaching kids!), a high-class call-girl (hey! fancy dresses, nights at the opera or fancy balls and limousines. Okay, with some sex thrown in there, sure...but dresses!!!! And operas! *grin*), a computer programmer and a writer.

    I graduated with my Bachelor's in Systems Analysis and left the field a year later. As for writing---yep, I'm still at it and still trying to get published. *sigh* If that doesn't work out, I'm thinking I might have to try for "mid-class call-girl". Hehehehe.

  5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

    My favorites start with a chocolate ice cream and have additions within them: peanut butter, ribbons of fudge, coffee flavors, brownie bites and so on!

It's time for more blogstalking, so....

That's all for now!

I've got a plan!

Okay, I'm set. I've got my plan and I'm going to be on-time with all three of my SP9 packages! I will not get caught being late. *grin*

While hunting for the perfect spoilage gifts, I spent time at Etsy, KnitPicks, Ebay, JimmyBeans Wool, KPixie and The Knitting Zone. I may have found the perfect loot for my pal at any/all of these sites, but I also created a problem.

I want more stuff now! *grin* There are so many cool patterns out there and I swear I'm knitting too darn slowly! Maybe I should spend more time per day actually knitting.

(And speaking of "actually" knitting---do you know how hard it is to get any knitting done while watching baseball? Argh!)

That's all for now. (Posting, that is...I'm never done web shopping!)

I'm keeping secrets...

I've always been a bit of an "early worm"---and yet still end up shopping late---when it comes to Christmas giving. So with a couple secret swaps and "the holidays" coming, I'm already debating how to locate that perfect gift.

My problem? I suck at keeping secrets. And when I think I've found the perfect idea for someone, I really need to know if it's perfect for them or perfect for me! Is this secret something the item they'll open and gasp with glee, saying, "How did you know?" Or is it just that I think that's what they'd say and therefore can't see the problem(s) with that gift?

Randy is better at this than I am. Last year, we were really struggling with finding a gift for Nick's birthday (which is a few scant weeks before Christmas). He'd asked for an Xbox for Christmas. While out shopping for Christmas ideas and trying to find something for Nick, we came across the Nintendo DS. I'd heard nary a word from Nick about it, but Randy immediately knew this was the perfect gift.

And it was. Nick was speechless. I finally asked why he never said anything. Nick's answer was, "I never thought you'd consider it." So he was limiting his list based on what he thought I would permit or consider. Hmph.

Now, here it is Christmas season again and I don't know what to do for him. The birthday is being celebrated by a weekend trip to Atlanta (IKEA, Chipotle, Fry's and the Aquarium) and a renewal of his Xbox magazine.

Adding to all my fun, we decided to do away with "wish lists" this year and instead went with a Christmas Questionaire. This should make coming up with ideas easier with one snafu: what if, at the end of it all, he doesn't like what I/we do????

*sigh* Thankfully, Randy is a pretty down-to-earth sort of guy who'll escort me through the rollercoaster ride that is "holiday gift giving"!

Of course, the biggest challenge to being a homeschooling family: Nick's always home, so when can I web-shop/search for gifts???? (Nick, if you're reading this: you could always clearly state to your hard-of-hearing Mom that you'll be "in your room studying" or "in your room playing".... *grin*)

That's all for now.

Welcome to my Blog, Secret Pal!

I'm new enough to the blogosphere that even one new reader is exciting to me. *grin* So I'm rolling out the red carpet for a new reader: my SP9 pal!

Welcome and enjoy my weirdness in all its glory. Hopefully, this experience won't be too painful for you---or make you run screaming from secret pal swaps. *grin*

That's all for now.

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