My Christmas bling, I shows you it....

It's been an odd Christmas season this year for me. We bought me an amazing HP Laser Jet 3600 back in September when they were 50% off. I've been enjoying it ever since. It's so nice to have a laser printer again.

Randy caved and gave me my other big Christmas present about two weeks ago:

These first two images were taken by the man who created the ring. He's a much better photographer than I am!

The last two were taken by me or Nick, with the ring on my finger. I sure didn't think my fingers were that chubby! The ring is sterling silver with a topaz in the exact color blue I wanted. It's kind of stormy-blue, depending on the light it's in.

I haven't worn a wedding band or ring in a long time, since I quit wearing gold. It's nice to have one again!

Smelly good overdose

I have a little bit of a rant I'd like to let loose with today.

My regular readers (all what---three of you? grin) know I have fibromyalgia. One of the symptoms that can be frustrating and annoying is a sensitive olfactory sense. Have I ever told the story about the time I found a long overdue-for-the-trash onion by the smell? ::shudders::

I'm very cautious about the scents I select for myself---and when I wear them. I know all too well what it's like to be stuck behind someone who used their cologne as a bath. The cloud of smell is painful and sometimes nauseating. I think most people have forgotten a basic fact about noses: if you're around it, no matter how much you use, you will soon not smell it because your brain has tuned it out. So, a dab will do you! I'm more interested in the faint, not-quite-there hint of a cologne that encourages me to seek it out, than I am in wading through the wall of smell.

This time of year is always worse, when it comes to nauseating smells. People are out in greater quantity, so my nose is battling even more clouds of cologne. Stores are pimping more colognes for the people who are clueless about gift-giving---and thus creating an even greater cloud of colognes as the teenagers grab freebie spritzes to smell "even yummier". Then there's the potpourri and the fresh-cut trees.

Now, stop and think about your daily routine: shower with shampoo, conditioner and soap. Do your hair with---how many additional products? Now body lotion, deodorant and, for the ladies, all the make-up one face can hold. Along with each of those comes a separate scent. By the time you are ready to walk out the door---oops, a splash, okay, two, of cologne---you are a walking cloud of stink.

Multiply that by the hundreds and thousands of people trailing their clouds of stink through malls, trapping that chaos of smell with not enough ventilation to clear it out.


Please, for me or for someone much closer to you, skip a couple layers of eau de stink and make Christmas shopping a little easier on those of us who smell you coming!

The Ferret Giving Tree

I thought I'd share this with my readers in case any of you are ferret owners yourselves. The Ferret Giving Tree is up and seeking Secret Santas for many ferrets spending their holidays in shelters. Click on the button to go see the tree and select a ferret to spoil.

If you are on Ravelry, check out the Ferret Fanatics group. We're voting through Monday on the ferret/shelter we're going to spoil---you can join us, if you like!


I try not to spoil any book or movie, so I expect this to be a safe-to-read report about Twilight....wait. If you haven't read the book, you might want to come back later... If you haven't watched the movie, but have read the book, I don't think there's any surprises I could spoil....but I'd use caution in deciding to read further. I want to talk about my viewing and that may require sharing some book/movie spoilers.

Is that enough disclaimer? Okay. Good.

First, my over-all impression: wow. They did a really good job with it!

Details: Randy read the book in preparation for seeing the movie; Nick did not have a chance to. Randy didn't understand why I (and much of the theater audience) laughed at some times in the movie. As he put it, "If these were people who hadn't read the book, I could chalk it up to misunderstanding. But a couple of times, it was at fairly dramatic points."

I struggled to explain. I was one of the ones laughing. I felt I had too, at times. It was only in trying to make it make sense for Randy that I understood it myself: I was laughing in giddy relief. "Oh, thank god; they didn't fuck that up."

They got the Cullen's (and Laurent/James/Victoria's) eyes right. They got the "vampire in daylight" right (I'm trying not to say how they got it right---just see for yourself). They really did a good job showing Edward's struggle with Bella's temptation and Bella's lack of grace---without making her a complete clown. There were touches I liked that will make a second/third/fourth viewing required for anyone who hasn't read the book(s)---and definitely enjoyable for those who have. The acting was outstanding in this movie. Carlisle Cullen appeared rather younger than I had envisioned him; that's not a bad thing. I thought the actor who played him evoked a pre-ego/pre-Scientology Tom Cruise (is that bad?).

My single quibble with the movie (and it really is a minor quibble, really) is the Cullens' house. For some reason, I'd envisioned a more quaint, rural, white farmhouse in the woods. This was not what the movie had. What the movie had Breathtaking. Modern. Stunning.

Now that I'm home again, with some shopping between the movie and me, I'm sad that it's already over. I'm sad all over again that the series is done. And I find myself begging the fates to please let the remaining three books be brought to the silver screen.

Randy just told me that the Tempe Marketplace Harkins Theatre (16 screens) had 10 screens for Twilight last night---ALL of them sold out! ::squee:: I smell "New Moon" coming to theaters!!!

My favorite sock yarn ever... on sale!

I'm stalking Perchance to Knit for colors I can use or drool over as more "Susie Yarn" is added to the shop. That's what we call it here in my house. And it's the only yarn my husband wants socks out of. He swears it's like wearing a shiatsu massage all day on his feet!

But, there's a new shop to look at, for the spinners out there. Not only could I purchase "Susie Yarn", I could also stock up on some "Susie Roving" over at Perhance to Spin! Oh, yum....

I debated sharing this news with my small readership, 'cause I'm not gonna be here all day to catch each skein as it's uploaded! I'm off to catch "Quantum of Solace" this afternoon (yum...popcorn!).

After that, we're headed to Home Depot where I plan on looking for heavy gauge copper wire to make our Christmas Saguaro from. More on that when there's something to show.

So, head over to those two Etsy shops and get your knit on! I'm sure there's someone on your gift list who either loves knitted items or loves to knit (or spin)!


...everything went well and none of you who come by will notice a difference. I've finally gotten around to upgrading my Drupal installation---from 5.7 to 5.12. Now, am I brave enough to consider going to 6-whatever? Maybe not right away.

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