Why do I do this to myself?

I know I have a problem. I'm trying---really, I am!---to admit it (that's Step 1, isn't it?) and begin the healing. But no. What do I do?

Find another site with more sock yarns.

*slaps forehead*

Ouch! Okay, now that we've admited I have a problem and admonished me, I can share my latest new wants---right?

IN Las Vegas Brights

IN Southwest

IN Stained Glass


Now, let me be the first to warn those (like me) with a skimpy wallet: $12 a hank for 185 yards. *sigh* I don't know that I'd feel comfortable buying only 2 hanks (370 yards) since I'm only on my second pair of socks. What do you think? At 2 skeins, I might be able to say, "Heck yeah, I'm worth it." But at 3 skeins---do I *really* think I'm worth $36 socks??? (Makes me think of that Ellen DeGeneres commercial...hehehe)


I guess that's all (the drooling I can do) for now.

P.S. The images are linked to The Loopy Ewe, however I copied them so as not to be a "bandwidth stealer". *smile* ETA: Since The Loopy Ewe links have quit working, I've removed the links.