Best Finished Object: Mr. Soapy!

Lorinda, my hostess-with-the-mostest for SP9, has a "Best Finished Object" contest going on. So, here's my Finished Object I'm most proud of (mostly because I've frogged the toe of my first ever sock. *sigh*)

Mr. Soapy!Mr. Soapy!

This pattern was gleaned from Amie, another knitting blogger I came across while hunting for turtles for Nick.

Why am I most proud of this FO? Well, for starters, he's cute! Also, because I knit his shell 5 different times. I kept the first one, but frogged the other 4 attemps, until I got a shell that looked like the one from the pattern. I'm proud of Mr. Soapy because it required patience---something I'm not graced with much of---to keep starting over until I did get it right. And did I mention, he's cute? *grin*

Hopefully soon, I'll have a finished pair of socks to be proud of (and wearing! My darn feet are freezing again!).

That's all for now.