Postmen keep disappointing me

Take 2 *sigh*

I'm still waiting on that final package for my Favorite Color swap pal. Grr. I'm doubly frustrated because I ordered this item (along with several others) in late July. When it still hadn't shown up after my trips to NOLA and SF, I checked in with the vendor and she'd had all her packages that day go MIA.

Perhaps I'm just a grumpy, disgruntled Arizonan-in-exile, but it seems that everything in the South is just so s-l-o-w! Netflix, which used to arrive the day after shipping in Arizona, takes two, three, a handful of days to arrive. And don't even get me started on my "what happened to customer service" rant!

Anyway. Went to my local LYS for the Tuesday night SnB. So (!) much fun. I love just sitting and soaking up the happenings of the other gals there. The age range is well-spread, so there's a little something for everyone. They aren't "clique-ish" either. I've only been 3-4 times, with a 3 week gap due to my travels since the last time, and I felt so missed when I entered their midst tonight. I have to say, if you're ever in Savannah, Georgia, you have to make an effort to stop in to Wild Fibre and chat with Jennifer. She's so patient with new knitters, so knowledgeable about different yarns and patterns and yet, she can talk about something besides knitting! *grin*

I finished my last handmade items for my secret pal tonight at the SnB. (Hey, since I was waiting on something, I figured I could add one more thing to the box!) Now I'm working up a no-pattern scarf in a neon-green wool and another one (to be done after the green) in a hot pink wool for a friend of a friend who is getting married in a couple of weeks.

I need to get started on a sweater for my Mother. I've got the pattern and the yarn all set aside but I'm a little nervous. So far, I've made non-wearable objects: blankets, totes. Okay, one scarf about 16 years ago, but that really doesn't count! This has to fit. Eeek.

I'm hoping to get some pictures up of the ferrets this week, if Ernesto doesn't whip himself up into a hurricane and force us to evacuate (what were we thinking when we moved here?).

I need some book recommendations. I've finished Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" series. I'm caught up on Kelley Armstrong's "Women of Otherworld". I love Octavia Butler, David Weber, Wen Spencer...shoot, that list would keep me up all night typing. I love Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy. Lately I've been reading the vampire / werewolf / witch kind of books. I'm not yet into Anne Rice, but I've got one on my shelf to read. Still, I always love suggestions. Drop a comment and give me some ideas.

And finally tonight, cross your fingers for some good news to come our way. I can't say much about it yet, but if it happens, you'll hear about it here. In the meantime, keep those positive thoughts streaming our way.

That's all for now.