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I'm starting to follow other blogs as the Favorite Colorswap winds to its close. Today, I was reading Yarn Liberation Front and have accepted Heather's tagging.

Meme-o-matic myself:

1. Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 123. Find the fifth sentence.Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

I held my breath and waited for her to go on.

"Cabals hire only one witch, see? They'd probably rather not hire any at all, but we've got special skills, so they overlook the whole witch-sorcerer feud just enough to hire one of us."

This is from Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong. It's part of her "Women of Otherworld" series and I've loved every book in the series thus far!

2.stretch your left arm out as far as you can...what do you touch first?

My "new" Olympus Evolt E-300 with the 14-45 lens that won't focus! I bought it off Ebay and I'm still trying to figure out what to do next with the seller. I don't think "he" (?) tried to pawn off crap on me, but I'm gonna have to get it repaired or replaced (the lens only, I think). Grrr.

3. what was the last thing you watched on tv?

Actually on tv? Hmmm. "Blade: The Series" two Wednesdays back (I forgot this past Wednesday 'cause I was still recovering from the Tuesday-AM red-eye flight from SFO!). But last night we worked our way further through Stargate SG-1, season 3. We used to watch this on Sho-time, but when it moved to SciFi channel, we lost track of it. Since it's in season 9 or 10 and has a spin-off, we thought we'd try to catch up!

4. without looking, what time is it?

I'd say around 22:30

5. what is the actual time?

Ha! 22:28 *grin* I'm not usually that good.

6. with the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Husband at his computer, oscillating fan... I'm hard-of-hearing, so that's doing pretty good for me!

7. when did you last step outside?

About two hours ago, when we returned from our Wal*Mart incursion.

8. what are you wearing?

black "cottony" Lane Bryant culottes and a black button-down top.

9. when did you last laugh?

About 17:30 today, while reading Sarah's blog!

10. seen something weird lately?

Can I count looking in the mirror? Heheh. I'm new to "blogland", so y'all don't know that my entire family is "weird". What's worse, we're strangely proud of it.

But, I guess...hmmm. You'd think that living in what I've not-so-fondly dubbed the a**hole of America, I'd see some weird stuff. Nothing comes to mind.

11. what did you dream last night?

Last night was not a good-sleep night. No dreams.

12. what's on the walls of the room you're in?

36 linear feet of paperbacks (mostly SciFi and fantasy with a more recent sprinkling of Urban Fantasy), a clock, a framed poster, more shelves for the hubby holding geek stuff and his techy books that don't fit in the living room shelves and a sign I bought him from Michael's that says "NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN".

14. what was the last film you saw?

*sigh* The midnight screening of "Serenity". Joss is my master now.

15.do you like to dance?

Despite the fact that I have no rythym, yes.

16. would you ever consider living abroad?

I lived in Rancagua, Chile in 1986-87. I'd love to check out Ireland. Sure. Despite the fact that I believe I left my heart in Arizona, I'd check out other places.

17. if you became a multi-millionaire overnight what would you buy first?

A lawyer to collect the money privately so every third cousin twice removed wouldn't suddenly become my best friend and so I could donate to charities that I choose without getting mail-spammed for money.

But since that's really "hiring" not "buying", I'd buy the land for the kibbutz I want to form. (And no, I'm not Jewish nor Israeli.)

18.tell me something about you that i don't know.

Heh. Since I'm new to blogland, I'm guessing I'm a complete mystery to everyone.

I sell jewelry in my store WhichCraft

19. what would you change about the world?

I'd like for the rich to suddenly be the poor and the poor to suddenly be the well-to-do. I suspect most charitable givers are those who have little, despite the large checks the rich hand out with little affect on their lives.

And that's all for today. I'm off to finish up my Favorite Colorswap gifts!