I'm still here, but will any remaining readers still recognize me? I finally locked down the registration again -- nothing but spam accounts anyway. I'm debating shutting this whole damn thing down and going to something both more and less restrictive, like blogspot. I don't want to have to manage the software any more. I don't want to have to worry about someone posting spam about some drug to help men.

I think the answer I'm reaching is yes. I'm ready to move over to blogspot. This blog isn't really about a Ferret-Owned knitter any more.... I've lived through the time where my ferrets owned me and have changed enough that I can see the day where I will no longer have ferrets at all. Is it sad? Yes. I adore my fuzzies. But I want less challenges: making sure my office space is ferret-friendly versus choosing to never let them in my office.

We're looking seriously at leaving the Valley of the Sun. Right now, the where is still up for discussion. Flagstaff, AZ. Seattle, WA. Somewhere in Colorado? Do we cross the Mississippi again? My father's health, my wife's mother's health, my husband's parents --- these are all reasons to be close to family again. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, New York, South Carolina. That's where family is. But I don't want to be there.

Randy mentioned some guy is seriously trying to put together a mission to start a colony on Mars. When I realized I'd leave my ferrets behind to do this, I knew the end of my ferret days was nigh. Five years ago, I'd have struggled with this conundrum. My biggest worry is, "Will I still be able to knit?" I know I'd still be able to write -- that takes very little, really. But knitting, that requires influxes of yarn. I could totally build an awesome Knitpicks needle collection worthy of a life on Mars...but the yarn.... hmmm.

So, I'm seriously considering closing this blog and starting a new one on one of those blogging sites. New site, new blog, new me?

If you still read here, would you leave a comment and let me know? If I don't get any responses, I probably won't bother with another post to point readers to the new blog.

It's been fun, y'all. But, that is all for now.