Arizona: State of Idiots?

I'm beginning to question whether Arizona really is the state for me. There are two trains of thought: stay and "fight the fight" (oh, there are so many!) or leave for a place I feel represents me more accurately.

What's got me riled up this time? Ken Bennett, the Arizona Secretary of State, who controls the ballots for elections. He's threatening to take President Barack Obama off the ballot in the state of Arizona. Why? Because " responsibility as secretary of state is to make sure that the ballots in Arizona are correct and that those people whose names are on the ballot have met the qualifications for the office they are seeking."

I think this stinks of desperation. I don't agree with Mr. Obama on everything. But I do believe he's a much better President than Mitt Romney might be. I think people who want Romney to be president are worried Obama might actually carry this state (which is great news in my mind). So, to make it harder for him to do this, Mr. Bennett is threatening to take Mr. Obama off the ballot. I believe Mr. Obama has proven he has met the qualifications of the office he's seeking. He's our currently serving President!

But this Ballot Bullshit isn't the only reason I'm questioning whether to stay or go. In 2008, Arizona passed Prop 102, which amended the State's constitution to read: "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state." Arizona is starting to lose its aura of independence for me -- the hive-mind that is the Latter-Day Saints doesn't allow that kind of free thinking -- and I would rather live where the people can and do still think for themselves. (Does that mean I need to move outside the US?)

But there's more. A non-political article I read suggests the Southwest will be hard hit in the coming decades (admittedly, the article referenced 2060, by which time I will be 90) with drought. Like I said, it's not political (unless you look at the politics behind supporting or ignoring global climate change).

I don't know if I've blogged much here about our desire to build a monolithic dome on a large piece of property. We'd like to be as self-sufficient as possible -- we're not as gung-ho as some of the Doomsday Preppers are. But we are aware that your local grocery store would be empty within 3 days, without the constant influx of commercial goods. We are aware how dependent the average person is on being able to pop in to their local Walmart or even local grocery store.

Does it make sense for us to stay in Arizona (long-term) if the area will be heading toward drought conditions? We've talked among ourselves and deeply desire to build a family estate -- not in the "Old Oil Money" sense of "estate" but in the sense of a large property which welcomes multiple generations of our family with room for all to grow and thrive.

We could stay and fight the idiots who are terrified of what allowing gay marriage *gasp* will do to the fabric of society. We could stay and fight the idiots who would rather focus on birth certificates, instead of debating the actual issues. But how do we combat nature? Maybe we fight with politics.

Or maybe we don't fight? Maybe we pick up stakes and move? If so, where? Not California (ferrets are illegal, there's earthquakes). Not east of the Mississippi --- just general dislike of the east mostly. Not the Gulf regions where hurricanes are likely or Tornado Alley either. That's pushing us north: Colorado or Nevada. Not Utah -- we'd be breaking the law there, just by living together (bigamy). Wyoming? I know nothing about that state. I just know I strongly dislike snow... Maybe New Mexico? Maybe eastern Oregon or Washington (state)? We'll have to read up on the Cascadia Fault first.

I'd love some comments from my readers on this. What do you guys think? Should we ditch Arizona? Or stay and fight? And what are your thoughts on global climate change and how it's going to affect the US (and the Southwest)?