reCAPTCHA, register and comments

I finally installed reCAPTCHA, thanks to a suggestion from Randy. With that in place, I felt confident enough to open the site to user registrations again. My status report says I've already had 1701 blocked form submissions -- but that hasn't changed in the last hour, so I suspect that the basic CAPTCHA module has contributed to that. We'll see what kind of user registration spam I get.

This means comments are open again on all posts. I require site registration to leave comments. Maybe I'll move that to allow anonymous posts but still require use of the reCAPTCHA module eventually.

In the middle of all the productivity, Randy helped me get my favicon back: a little "headshot" of Ukiah!

So, "all" that's left is to work on the site's them a little more -- despite my love of all things purple, no I don't like this theme -- and to finish the re-design of the site's banner image. No big deal. Ha! Since the tasks I delineated in the previous post seemed so gargantuan, maybe these won't be so bad?

I've only got about:

days until NaNoWriMo begins. Maybe I'll put this counter over on the side somewhere? I received an email from the folks who put NaNoWriMo on that they won't be opening the site for the 2011 participants until the 10th of October. I'm not sure when the website badges for participants will be available; perhaps at the same time, since those badges usually link back to the site?

As for what I'm going to write, I mentioned in my earlier blog today that I have no clue. I had an idea about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but wasn't anywhere I could write it down...and now the idea that I lost an idea (whether it would have worked or not) is distracting me from the process of coming up with a new idea. Dumb? Yes.

So, I'm going to dive into my old ideas folder and see if I can't slam some things together. Hmmm... sparkles and vampires.... wonder if that would work?

Eek! Okay! Stop throwing things at me! I was just kidding!!!!