Invisible Illness Myth #1

Invisible Illness Myth #1: "You look great - you must be feeling better." We're likely getting better about concealing how we feel, not feeling better. Or it might be a single good day after a month of horrible days. -- from FM/CFS/ME Resources, "What We Don't Want to Hear"/

This is very true. Most days, I don't think about my fibro. But if I stop and consider, my life has been adjusted so I don't have to: I have a C-PAP machine and nighttime meds so I'll sleep better. My spices try very hard not to wake me, so I get enough sleep (even if that means I sleep later than I really wanted to!), I (usually) avoid all caffeine so I *can* sleep. And I pace myself every day. If a task is wearing me out, I take breaks to keep from overdoing it.

Sometimes, I feel like a huge "faker" because I don't have it as bad as some of the women in my support groups do. I try to remind myself some of them have it so bad because they weren't able to make the changes in their lives I could. I don't work (outside the home). I don't have a set schedule I must keep. I don't have a handful of little kids I'm trying to keep up with. And I now have both a husband and a wife to help me manage the household. How many wives out there have joked about needing a wife themselves? I got one!

I'm expecting NaNoWriMo to cause a flare-up -- that's just the nature of the beast. I've given plenty of warning to "my peeps" (aka my spices) about what November will be like because I want to participate. (Never mind the total lack of a novel idea --in both senses of the word "novel"!)

I came across the myth (my name for it) and felt I needed to blog about it a little. I do my best to not be whiny on here -- maybe I've mentioned it so little my readers (all 3 or 4 of you waves) don't realize I even have fibromyalgia. Well, that's part good and part bad. Good because that means I'm not whining too much. But bad because we "fibromites" need to be able to see each other, so we don't feel so alone when our flares keep us home- and bed-bound.

I've been promising for a while now to work on the technology behind my blog, so you all can comment again and be part of this blog instead of just passive readers. I really miss hearing from you and knowing you are reading. I'll try to put "fix my blog" on the top of my to-do list this week.

And maybe it will even get done!