Now, with actual Knitting Content!

Fancy that. I'm going to write a post, on a knitting blog, about actual knitting. No way!

I finished the shawl I'm planning on wearing at Marcey's wedding -- in just 62 days! Wanna see it?

Yarntopia's 10-2 tencel in "Moccasin" This is the yarn: Yarntopia Treasures 10/2 Tencel in "Moccasin" colorway.
p5123242 Here it is, wound into a center-pull ball. I like to use a coin (when I remember) to give a sense of "scale" to the weight of the yarn. This one is "laceweight".
p5193283 This is the general pattern of the shawl. It called for the borders to be beaded, as well, but that would have called for another $15 worth of beads -- and made it much heavier. I'm glad I only beaded the squares.
p5193290 A close-up of the beads. These are clear Czech glass 6/0 copper-lined seed beads, purchases from Beadaholique.
p5193281 This isn't the finished product -- that's much longer -- but from this, you get the idea.

Overall, the pattern wasn't difficult, just tedious. I didn't find it to be an easily memorizable pattern (and I'll memorize 12-row repeats of lace edging!). The repetition was boring though. I'm used to doing large lace charts that, once you've finished them, you move on to another large chart and so on. This one however, you do the chart again and again. And again. Ad nauseum. I stopped at about half way on the 14th repeat, so 13.5 repeats. Any more and it would have been just too huge.

I've got another teddy bear on the needles, but no pictures up until the recipient has it as she reads here. *grin* I've also got a semi-scary project on the needles. I'm trying to make lace stockings. Eek. Stay tuned to see how that goes.