Lace is addictive...

I thought I'd break my long (unintentional) silence with a post about lace. I've probably said it all before though... My husband may soon commit me to some twelve-step program for lace addicts 'cause I love the lace.

And yet... it drives me kinda insane.

To be fair, some of the problem is being a Sinister knitter. I never know exactly when I should follow the directions and trust it to all work out, like my "nephew" Soren's baby sweater:

Those who know the Baby Kimono pattern, mine came out backwards. I followed the directions...and that means left becomes right and right becomes left for me.

For lace, there's just a whole plethora of questions, which I found myself asking over in the GoddessKnits group. As always, Renee was quick to pop in with clarifying examples and others chimed in with suggestions of how to handle the charts.

As you can see over on the right, I'm currently working on Renee's pattern, Dracula's Bride. It's going to be absolutely *stunning* when it's done...and I'm going to have earned every single blasted "oooh" and "aaah" I get! *snort*

I should try to take it out and get some decent pictures of it...but have you ever heard what unblocked lace looks like? I think the term "yarn barf" is close, despite that term being frequently ascribed to the part of the skein that comes out when you're trying to find the inside end.

For other Sinister knitters who wish to try their hand at lace, let me save you lots of trouble: read the charts LEFT to RIGHT on the right-side rows and vice-versa on the wrong-side rows. So far, I haven't needed to change any specific stitches, just the order to read them in. I've been meaning to go in to Tempe Yarn and Fiber and sit down with Terry and see what, if any changes a Sinister knitter needs to make for slanting increases and decreases that are not symmetrical.

Oh...and for this shawl, I once again ordered from They were incredibly speedy in getting my order out, even though I didn't put a rush on it... (You know how it is when you're jonesing to start a new project and waiting for supplies...)

Speaking of shawls and lace... I've been back to work on the Trinity Wedding Shawl/Stole for my mother. The pattern itself is less unwieldy now---I managed to streamline it down to "only" twelve pages...from 27! So, hopefully, I can stared alternating work between the Trinity shawl and Dracula's Bride. And maybe take some pictures of both!