Clutch count rising

My 120 gallon aquarium is now up to a total of eight clutches, with two already hatched. The third clutch is due to hatch real soon, based on the color of the clutch.

I read over on that water changes (and the accompanying drop in temperature) usually precipitates egg laying. Now that the ammonia and pH levels are in good places, I think the babies from these clutches should be gorgeous! I won't be able to sell (and maybe not trade) the grown snails which are the parents, due to their shell damage.

I bought two ivory snails the other day, hoping to add some variation to the results. I'm still learning about snail genetics. So far, I understand that two blues have a 25% chance of ivory offspring, with the remaining 75% being blues. Two ivories have a 100% chance of ivory offspring. "Ivory" is the lack of shell color and the lack of body color. Hmm. I wonder if this is "albino" for snails?

I've got a few who keep burying themselves down in the gravel and that worried me for a while, but I guess it's common in fine gravel or sand aquariums. I guess everything is going well, now that I've got the chemistry balanced again. All I need to do is find homes for all these babies!