It's here! My FCS3 package is here!

I looked out onto the patio today and saw a cute little green box awaiting me. Oh! It's here! I was very good and grabbed my camera, so I'd get pictures right away. I knew you all would want to see what I got!

When I opened the box, I saw this:

Then I began to remove the items and unwrap them---smart lady, my pal Genevieve: she didn't use any tape!

When I was done ooohing and aaahing, I ended up with quite the pile of booty:

Isn't that cool? The yarns are Trekking Hand Art, in Atlantik and Noro Silk Mountain in "Color 8". I know the Trekking will become socks, but I could use some suggestions for the Silk Mountain---anyone?

I'm off to post to the FCS3 blog and to Ravelry. You can stay and drool awhile, if you like.