Secret Package arrived!!!!

It's here! It's here! I am so excited!

Oh wow! I'm so lucky! Can you see it all? Here, look closer:

Stitch markers, a gaming mini-fig, and 3 bars of Cadbury chocolate! Who told? One even has "creme egg" in it!!!! And look:

Yarn! There's Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud in a beautiful purple that I can't wait to play with. There's a delicate ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a greyish purple that makes me long for Arizona's mountains! And there's something very special: Silkwood hand-dyed yarn that takes my breath away.

Wait. Don't go yet. There's more! Look:

Postcards for my postcard wall! And Gill remembered I like Giraffes! Yay! Can you see the reinbear (or reindeer)? His antlers are very soft. He's going right up on the shelf in my bedroom so Ukiah can't steal him!

In the back in the first picture showing everything is a pattern for a scarf by the same company that made the Artesano Alpaca yarn. Yum. And a knitting magazine called "Knit Today". It was in a plastic bag with a free "Beginner's Guide to Knitting" that my son and I both will probably find useful. But here's the neat part. Look at two of the patterns inside:

It's purple! How cool is that?

And this pattern? Well, I've been looking for something with the flared sleeves---this one is perfect! I know exactly how I want to knit this one up already. *grin*

My secret pal was Gill and she's my newest super-hero. She did all this for me with other things going on in her life. I am so blessed to have had her as my Secret Gifter. Thanks oodles Gill. I really can't express how perfect this package was!

Hey. You know what? I think I am gonna join SP9. I'm ready to spoil someone else again and let someone spoil me. *grin* Ha!

That's all for now.