7 Random Things!

Ack! I was so busy being outraged, I only just noticed I'd been tagged! And by none other than that color-licious dyer herself, Susie!

So, here are the rules.
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  1. I started "greying" at 15. *sigh* I once had hair so black, it looked purple in sunlight and now it's this wimpy brown, with almost 50% silver, so I color it with Clairol's professional line at Sally's Beauty Supply "reddest mahogany red". I'm very overdue....I should go do that now.


  2. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science. I have gleefully forgotten just about everything I know about programming, but I love putting computers together. I've assembled all five of the desktop computers and one of the servers in our house. I've assembled one for my Mom and one for a close friend of hers. One thing not to cheap out on is the case. Or the fans. Or the power supply. Everyone always sinks their funds into the processor, the memory and the video card (everyone I know, 'cause they all want to play games on their computers). Gotta remember the case, the fans and the power supply.


  3. I lived in South America for a year when I was in high school. I learned the Rotary Club has an exchange program, so I applied and spent my junior year in Rancagua, Chile. This was 1986-1987. While I was there I had my appendix taken out, the Pope visited the country, and I had a machine gun pointed at me when I visited a friend. I didn't realize until much later her father was a "right hand man" to Pinochet, who was in power at the time. I had arrived at her house just after some incident which had them all on high alert!


  4. I met my husband, Randy, on the 31st of August, 1989. We were engaged on the 11 of September, 1989. When my parents pulled me from school that winter, I decided to move out and move down to where he was. Instead, we set the wedding date up (it was originally going to be May of 1992, after I graduated). We were married Friday, the 17th of August, 1990. Some people said it wouldn't last six months. In May of 1992, I was pregnant with Nicholas! Randy and I just celebrated 17 years together. I want seventeen hundred more.


  5. I love post-apocalyptic fiction! My first taste of this was Pat Frank's "Alas, Babylon" (1, 2), written in the 1950s. Other favorites include "Footfall" (1, 2), "The Stand", "Lucifer's Hammer" (1, 2), and "Farnham's Freehold" (1, 2). We take a lot of things in our daily lives for granted, for example, easy access to food and basic medicines. I like the mental foray into what would become of those people in society who live by the grace of our modern cultures--like me!. I'm not physically fit and my fibro wouldn't go away just because we suddenly have to revert to a more physical way of living. So what could I provide to such a world? Thus, my love of the textile arts! These are "luxury" skills as long as our world remains industrialized and mechanized. But should things change, the knitters, spinners, weavers and other textile artists of the world will find themselves teaching others how to create clothing from fibers.


  6. I have two tattoos and two non-ear piercings. My first tattoo is a labrys, on my right shoulder, done in 1997. My second tattoo is a gecko, worked over the top of my left foot and up onto the side of my leg a little. My first piercing was my tongue piercing which I had done in 1997. I've since removed it (less than a year ago?) 'cause I'm terrified the next tooth I hit will crack! I have a nose piercing on the right side of my nose. I haven't worn anything in it for a long time, but I'm reasonably sure it's still open. Since I've started wire wrapping, I've wanted to create something "uniquely me" for my nose piercing. And I'm "jonesing" for my next tattoo, though I don't think Randy likes the idea of what I want: a vine wrapped around my left leg, across my back and down my right arm. So, maybe I'll get something smaller instead.


  7. I have a little giraffe collection on my desk, started by a professor at the community college in Arizona where I took another creative writing class (there've been several!). She brought in these cute little wooden animals from her trip to....Disney World, I think. Anyway, she said for each of us to select an animal and write a poem about how we're like that animal. I couldn't grab either of the elephants---already taken---so I grabbed the giraffe. And wrote this:

    I, Giraffe

    Sky high
    above the ground
    eating fluffy dreams
    head so far above
    the muck my feet are in

    into being

    Balanced in between
    the heart
    blending muck and fluff
    into future imaginings.

    After that, I found a giraffe with this long graceful neck and just bought it. Like that. No waffling, just did it. And then there was a third one...and now my mom has added two more....and I don't know where this will end, but they've all been desk-accessory sized.


  8. Bonus random fact: Apparently (see the above 7 points), I cannot just list a simple fact without explaining it and expanding on it. Oh wait, I just did. *grin*

I read a number of blogs out there in "intarweb land", but I know very few of those that I read, so let's see if I can come up with seven whole bloggers!

  1. Lorinda
  2. Danielle - I just found her blog, but I love her stitch markers, so I'm tagging her!
  3. Deb -- My *ahem* other fiber supplier.
  4. Linda
  5. Claudia who needs to put up more ferret pix ::ducks quickly, knowing she should too::
  6. Nicol (again, more ferret pix!)
  7. Katie 'cause her Mom tagged me! ;)

Now, I have to go de-lurk on some blogs and tag some wonderful women!