Writing Resources

Writing Resource Books

  • Human Skeleton/Injury reference
  • Osprey
    • Men-at-Arms # 70 The US Army 1941-45
    • Men-at-Arms #186 The Apaches
    • Warrior #14 Zulu 1816-1906
    • Elite #21 The Zulus
  • Costume Books Most interested in ethnic costumes. Egyptian, Indian, American Indian, African, just for a start. Even bridal costumes through the centuries, especially of non-European cultures would be nice. Reference Pages:
  • Wedding Ceremonies: Ethnic Symbols, Costume, and Rituals by Tiziana Baldizzoni, Gianni Baldizzone, David Radzinowicz Howell (Translator), Tiziana Baldizzone
  • A Veiled Reference - $5.00 Lisa Ford, Theresa Sherman, Melinda Sherbring. pamphlet, 56p. SCA.
  • The Unstrung Harp - reportedly good for writers....