Ferret Pictures!

I've been promising to introduce the business and I've been lazy. I'm trying to rectify that now.

First, we have the Senior Partners of the "Rice Otter Clan", Ukiah Jacob (first row) and Elijah Benjamin (second row):

Then we have the Junior Partner, Indigo Victoria:

Next are the Senior Associates, Kittanning Donovan and River:

And finally, our Junior Associates, Maxwell Seamus Bennett and Octavia Juniper:

Our home set-up is pretty free-flowing. We've got a tall SuperPet cage upstairs, covered with a blanket to create "The Cave". Downstairs, we have a single-height SuperPet cage. They have a step-stool for climbing into the side door of The Cave. They roam free 24/7, with the occasional round-up to verify numbers (and a head-count several times each day!).

I have been looking forward to using my new camera to catch these weasels in action, but the focus ring is not functioning... so I'm stuck with my old digital which has only auto-focus. *sigh*

The latest trick is courtesy of Junior Partner Indigo: she's learned to brace her back against the refridgerator and climb the wall with her claws. This gives her access to the counters (previously denied thanks to the magnetic tot-locks we installed!).

That's all for now.